Using Eclipse to develop Python

Yesterday I had a talk with Carlos Ble and he said I should try to develop using an IDE such as Eclipse instead of simple vim because it have a lot of feature like code folding and completion that makes you much more productive. I’m not sure because I feel quite confortable using vim and their REGEXP. However I decided to give it a chance.

In my work this morning I start installing Eclipse Europa from web (Eclipse 3.2 is packaged in Gutsy but that’s too old). I installed the Subversion Plugin (subclipse) and PyDev and start working. I will try to use Eclipse for at least a week; after that I may continue using either vim or Eclipse.

My first experience is not being so hard as I thought. However I don’t feel comfortable yet which is logical. I have been using vim for the last 10 years therefore I can’t forget about it in four hours.


One Response to Using Eclipse to develop Python

  1. Carlos says:

    Congratulations man!
    Writing your blog in english is an excellent idea. Trying Eclipse is also very good!!!
    Your blog has been added to my blog roll :-).
    Keep on posting

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