Django on Netbeans 6.5

I developed using VIM and konsole using Python and Django. Some time ago Carlos Ble suggest me to use and IDE. The I try Eclipse + PyDev for a time, but never felt comfortable with it. Since Netbeans team decide to include Python in the supported languages Netbeans could work with; I decide to give it a chance.

While Django is not fully supported itself, I feel Netbeans much more fluent than a Eclipse. Netbeans is not perfect but, on my view, fits my needs more than Eclipse do. I’ll try to use this platform for a while before claim to be THE IDE.

Using Django with it is possible using the same trick I used with Eclipse. Set as the main file and runserver --noreload as argument. I didn’t success trying to do step-by-step debugging (I didn’t spent more than two minutes trying).

To be the “perfect” platform for Django developing Netbeans needs:

  • Be able to create a django project
  • Be able to create django apps into a project
  • Be able to run shell
  • Be able to manage DB (At les dbshell
  • Manage Django tests ( test)
  • Find method usage in templates
  • WYSWYG template editor

The last one is not a real need but it would be great.

Even lacking all this features, I think is probably the best IDE for Django I have ever tried.


4 Responses to Django on Netbeans 6.5

  1. Ruyk says:

    Wouldn’t be nice if the IDE had a WYSWYG editor for models? I’ve thinking a lot about this recently, and I think it could be a cool feature. Something like a Visual Studio (which I hate) but more pythonic 🙂

  2. It would be nice, but I think this should come after basic things, such us code completion, and others are mature enough.

    Having WYSWYG in templates views could be really impossible hard because of data context.

  3. tom says:

    How do you install netbeans-django in netbeans?

  4. […] de dúvida o Eclipse/Aptana com o plugin PyDev e o NetBeans (que em sua versão 6.5 é para ter suporte parcial a Django e na versão 7 suporte total). Particularmente, estou gostando de como o pessoal do NetBeans está […]

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