No good IDE for Django

I have been using Netbeans for the last month for develop Django. The Netbeans Project is quite promising in the “to be implemented” features because they have a roadmap to implement Django and that would be very nice. However basic things such as code completion is not usable. When you write an object name followed by a dot it offer every single subobject, method or whatever ignoring the object type. As well as this it don’t handle properly python packages not in standard directories even if you include them in the PYTHONPATH. Netbeans is a promising IDE for Django but, at this time it isn’t good enogh to simple python developing.

On the other hand I tried Eclipse some time ago. It has nice python support using PyDev but, as far as I know, there’s no plan to integrate Django into it. This means Django templates has not proper editor, but this is reasonable at this time. When I tried thid software some time ago PyDev use to halt and stop providing code completion needing to restart the IDE. As well as this it seems heavier than netbeans.

Both IDEs are java based, therefore you should program them using this language.

Beyond those I don’t know any other IDE but some editor enhanced such as ERIC4 and others I can’t put to work properly. Hopefully the new version of Kdevelop, and its plugin system, could be the answer.

6 Responses to No good IDE for Django

  1. SUGLIANI Timo says:

    Did you ever try Komodo IDE ? (there is a komodo “edit” version that is free if you won’t need a integrated debugger)

  2. Amit says:


    Its great to know that you are trying NetBeans IDE for Python development. Please be patient, we will be having the Djnago support just the way you like it 🙂

    Do report to us your experiences, as you are already doing!


  3. I knew it, but i’m mainly focus in free IDEs. However yesterday I took a look into Komodo and seems to be a great IDE. The editor is quite good. I may give it a chance.

    Thank you for your comment.

  4. I was being patient because Python support is EA yet but, in the roadmap improve the code completion is set to future development.

    I usually (once a week) tried hudson versions and I don’t see code completion is good enough.

    Are there any oficial way to give feedback?

    Thank you for your comment

  5. carlosble says:

    Hei man! How do you do to get so much comments here in your brand new blog ? 🙂
    I agree with you, IDEs for python suck so far.
    I miss Visual Studio 🙂

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