More on Python IDEs

February 6, 2009

Due to some comments in my last post about Python IDEs I gave a chance to Komodo. I’m mainly focus on software libre IDEs so I didn’t take a look into that one. Komodo Edit is free as in free speech (I thought it was like in free beer) and it’s a promising editor. I may give it a chance if Eric4 (read ahead) don’t make me comfortable.

The last Netbeans update enhanced the python code completion feature making it much more usable but no perfect at this time. When accessing an object method sometimes methods that don’t exist in the current object, but at this time they are dozens instead of hundreds. I would like to have time to download and compile Netbeans in order to get involved in the community, but last weeks were really stressing.

On the other hand, I tried again Eric4, which is written using Python language. As I’m not a java expert it’s a disadvantage for me be forced to use this language to develop. Therefore Eric4 seems to be the perfect IDE for me. I’ll try it in a real project as soon as possible.

Eric4 has templates for Django which is the framework I’m currently using to develop. The last template seems to be quite close to the approach I like.

Under my humble opinion Python (and Django) is becoming more a more popular and IDEs for it are becoming more and more usable.