New position

Today is my first day in a new work position. I’m quite close to my old work, but, even so, this is a great challenge to me. My last position was mainly sysadmin staff such as cooling machines, installing machines, made them highly available through pacemaker, etc. Now I’ll be more involved in services. My new boss says that my main two activities for this weeks will be get familiar with Jasig CAS and a self developed solution for identity management involving up to four differents RDBMS, AMQP, several django apps, etc.

I feel exited about my new position because of the self developed project. I will be the project leader in some weeks. It’s a recently launched software with tons a changes to be done and not a single test, but it’s also my closer chance to be a full time python developer. I feel a little bit afraid too, because all the work done before me.

I’m also leaving Galotecnia. Some years ago, some others and me found Galotecnia, a really small company focus in sysadmins, django development, timing race and others. Now is my time to leave. It was an interesting experience, but I give up. I can’t work in two different companies every single day, with that many context switch, and that many hours a day.


One Response to New position

  1. abra says:

    hello 🙂 i just came across your blog by searching for “new job!” haha. your new job sounds interesting and exciting! i bet you will do awesome in it. what has been your favorite part so far? good luck!

    -abra 🙂

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