New position “hands on”

I have been working in my new position for one week. I already knew all team so that wasn’t difficult. I knew my two major projects but I had not look them inside.

The first project I look is the one I consider more exciting. To make a long story short, it involves two pieces of code.

The first one is called “salmorejo” (a typical canarian food is “conejo en salmorejo” or in english “rabbit in salmorejo” where salmorejo is a sauce). salmorejo use rabbitmq to spread some messages over a wide variety of systems. For instance, you can create a new user in and application completly uncouple to this and, throw salmorejo, the addition of the new user to ldap and the creation of the mailbox magically occurs in two different servers. salmorejo is a big black box to me so far, it’s my first experience with rabbitmq or any AMQP so it’s not a big surprise.

The other one is called “gestion de usuarios” (user management). This is a Django application which has access to several data origins (the databases used by the corporate applications in my organization), and to the queue system. The multidb support in Django is awesome, it makes possible to use this application as clue in the identity management process. The Django modularization is also awesome,it makes possible to have several small sub-projects to work with. As I feel comfortable with Django I feel much better working with this sub-project, and, in just one week, there are some code written by me in production. The lack of tests is disturbing in a long term project like this, but there are some tests over there (I hope the most critical parts 😉 ). I agreed with my boss to provide tests for all new code.

On the other hand I had some time with Jasig-CAS. This projects seems to be much more simple. We already have an installation using and old version. I’m supposed to deploy the new version. I had a first contact with maven. The maven overlay system for CAS is really smart, although I had not success deploying the war I generated. I feel the cas project could be closed in a couple of weeks. We are going to try some new TicketRegistry (we are using JPA and want to try Memcached and possibly Ehcache before going into production).

The minor projects, those projects out there that used to break my concentration, eats lot of time. I also feel some lack of team work, in my last position every single day had some pair working session, but, in the new one, everyone in the team work in a different thing therefore there are almost no pair working. So far I’m learning tons of things about services, application servers, oracle databases, etc.

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