The (almost) perfect Django IDE: Pycharm 2.5

Disclaimer: Como hace algún tiempo escribí unos cuantos artículos sobre IDEs en inglés, considero justo hacer lo mismo con este.

Some time ago, I wrote a bunch of posts about state of the art IDEs for Django in that moment. I didn’t give up in my search, but I felt there was not reason to continue writing about thart. Until now.

The first time I gave a chance to PyCharm 2.5 I finished it thinking “What else can I expect for a Django IDE?”. I decide not to write a post in that moment, but to use it exclusivly as long as free trial allows me. It has several features I’m really keen on such as code autocompletion, django debugging, imports assitant, etc. One of the features surprised me more was the posibility of using the editor as a plain VIM (althought I don’t use it after all).

This is much better than any other Django IDE I have tried, but not everything shine. It’s propietary software and that’s a painful kick for a free software fan like me. Ok, it’s cheap, but I’m most concerned about the ‘free’ as in free speech (not in free beer). I found myself using ‘grep -r’ to find some usages, although usages features works really good in most circumstances. The dictionary import is easy, but involve the conversion of aspell dict manually, it should be automatically. Theres not support no wsdl, which is a pity, but you still can use a standalone such as soapUI, (which was suggested by jetbrains staff).

On the pros, I felt it really smooth, not as resource greedy as Eclipse or Netbeans, the code completion works really well, the debugging is pretty easy too, although it should be possible to use it for management command in an easy way too. One of the most interesting features is the code inspection. It performs a bunch of test on code, and let you see were you are not doing the things perfectly in a lot of different ways, such as ensuring PEP-8, checking CSS syntax, etc. this drive you to a better, more compatible, code; and hooking this feature to commits is awesome, as it prevents you from putting bad code into repository.

As I said we almost have the perfect Django IDE. Thank you Jetbrains folks!.

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