Django reusable apps

May 27, 2010

Long time since last post, we have passed two month plenty on work developing our project and the other parts of our athletics timing solution. The good new is that last race we had great results (really close to 100%).

Now is time to think in the future, we have expend some time looking for the state of the art of portable apps such as django-photologue, django-cms, Dinette, socialauth among others. It’s great to see how portable apps are making Django even better, as you can plug some well-tested application into your app and get those features most sites need.

At this time we have integrated django-photologue (not in production environment yet) in We are planning to include some other apps in the next months as well.

Django-photologue has some really nice features. The way it manage sizes is just outstanding. It’s really customizable and flexible while still easy. The integration is really easy just plug, write some templates, link from the other applications and start fun!!!.

I expect to be less busy for the next months so I’ll try to write something from time to time.