Django on Netbeans 6.5

November 21, 2008

I developed using VIM and konsole using Python and Django. Some time ago Carlos Ble suggest me to use and IDE. The I try Eclipse + PyDev for a time, but never felt comfortable with it. Since Netbeans team decide to include Python in the supported languages Netbeans could work with; I decide to give it a chance.

While Django is not fully supported itself, I feel Netbeans much more fluent than a Eclipse. Netbeans is not perfect but, on my view, fits my needs more than Eclipse do. I’ll try to use this platform for a while before claim to be THE IDE.

Using Django with it is possible using the same trick I used with Eclipse. Set as the main file and runserver --noreload as argument. I didn’t success trying to do step-by-step debugging (I didn’t spent more than two minutes trying).

To be the “perfect” platform for Django developing Netbeans needs:

  • Be able to create a django project
  • Be able to create django apps into a project
  • Be able to run shell
  • Be able to manage DB (At les dbshell
  • Manage Django tests ( test)
  • Find method usage in templates
  • WYSWYG template editor

The last one is not a real need but it would be great.

Even lacking all this features, I think is probably the best IDE for Django I have ever tried.